Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Alliterative Alphabet for Bipolar Enjoyment

Before I knew that I am bipolar I composed an alliterative alphabet and posted it on the Open Salon blog I wrote at that time. My cousin Christine said she couldn't read it, because the alliteration became too annoying. Evidently others agreed, because I got no positive responses to the posting, and I and took it down. 

After I was diagnosed as bipolar, I read that bipolar people tend to enjoy alliteration. Since this blog is about bipolar disorder, I am posting the alliterative alphabet here.

An acrimonious alligator ate Alice's astonished attorney as an appetizer & afterward acted awkward and anxious about ablating an ace asset.
Bold bankers built boomer billionaires’ blessed budgets, but behemoth battering busted balances before beautiful bequests became bountiful.
Clever crooked cops (craftily conferring, creeping cautiously) coolly collected copious cannabis cash covertly, carefully closing cases.
Depression doomed demented Deedee’s darkling dreams during delirious dipsomaniac days delivering dahlias—drifting, distracted, dazed.
Every elegant entertainment elicited enthusiastic, energetic emails earnestly expressing erstwhile Episcopalians’ eerily elemental ecstasy.
Frances's fabulous fractals fried Francis's fractious forebrain, finally fogging forever friendship’s fragile foundation, finishing frostily.
Glimpsing glamorous Gloria’s gorgeous gams gave guileless, gaping geeks greater gumption Googling glamorous guiltless-gilt gal gifts.
Hapless Harlequin hazarded honorable happenstances—hindered horrendously, hopelessly hopeful, hilariously humorous, handily handsome.
Images illustrating influential Indian iconography initiate infinite intellectual interpretive identification including intimate iconology.
Juries jailing junkies jumpstart jackass jokester justice, jabbing Janus, justifying jerks, jackhammering jurisprudence, jamming jails.
Kitty, kindly kissing Kat’s kitten (Kinky Knight), kept knitting keepsakes; keen Kat, kneeling, knifed kindling; Kinky Knight keened.
Luscious lovers leave luster lingering lastingly, lamenting little, lacking loss, letting limits lessen, liltingly luring luck. Lucid.
Many miracles make marginal martyrs meekly melt; meanwhile, mistily morbid men meander meaninglessly; most march mindlessly, missing much.
Naked navigator’s noontime nosh: naan, nachos, napoleons, nasi-goreng, nasturtiums, nectarines, noodles Newberg, Newtons, nougat, ‘n’ nuts.
Optimizing options, oligarchs overlook optimism, offering omnibus opinions on official occurrences, operating ostentatiously or opting out.
Personifying plausibility, prominent people promenaded—passing perilously perceptive pedants pondering preferable paradigms purposefully.
Quite quarrelsome quarterbacks quasi-quit qat* querulously, quipped quintuplet Quentin, quashing queasy, quixotic questioners quickly. (*Cross between opium and cocaine.)
Randy rockers race rapturously riverward relishing random radiant revelations released rarely, realized reluctantly, righteously recorded.
Seven silk scarves swirling, sweet Suzette (sizzling seductively) straddled salacious sailor Samson, saying simply, "So, sugar, shall …?"
Troubleshooting time travel (tantamount to transcendental tourism) takes tedious testing trials, tentative tasks, tribulation, tall tales.
Usually upset, unctuous Uncle Underwood ululates under umbrellas uncannily, utterly usurping ultimate utopias, undercutting understanding.
Voluptuous villains’ vast, venomous victories verify viciously virulent visions vested vexingly. Vindication vanishes. Vodka vaporizes.
What’s with wakeful, warm-blooded wanderers wishing whirling wizards would win while watchful WASPs, whose waistlines wither, wane woefully?
Xanaxy xenophobic xylophonists xerographed Xana’s xenoliths; x-rayed Xerxes's xylem/xerophytes; X-rated Xanadu’s Xmas xebecs.
Yes, yesteryear’s yentas yakkety-yaked; youthful yokels yoked; Yugoslavian yogis yearned; yo-yo yachtsmen yelled; yardbird yeggs yodeled.
Zonked zany zealot zoologists' zaftig zitherist’s zillion zebras zipped, zoomed, zigzagged zestfully. Zowie zoogeography!

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