Monday, December 30, 2013

Why I Resolve to Make No New Year Resolutions

I will not make any New Year resolutions for 2014 because resolutions can be set-ups for bipolar lows and highs:

  • If I make resolutions and break even one, I will become depressed.
  • If I break more than one, I will become more depressed.
  • If I keep even one resolution for at least six months, I may become hypomanic with pride.
  • If I keep all my resolutions, or even most of them, all year, I may become manic with self-congratulations.

·       By not making resolutions, I can feel good about myself without the pressure of how I decided in 2013 to behave in 2014.

But whether or not you make New Year resolutions, have a fine 2014.

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